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Is water not going down your drains? Think you have a clogged sink or water drain? Let the experts @ Artisan Home Services fix your problem, We clear the clog, clean the sewer and drain and solve the problem. Call us Today!

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Drain Clearing & Cleaning

Almost every home will experience a clogged drain a time or two. There are many reasons why your drain could be clogged. However, the most common reasons are.

Grease – This is the most common cause of all in kitchen sinks. Fatty substances easily slide down the drain; however, can stick to piping which can cause a clog. To avoid grease clogging in your sink, avoid rinsing grease and other fatty foods down the drain.

Hair – A buildup of hair in the drain can be a major issue for homeowners. Over time, this blockage can get larger if the problem is not quickly resolved. To avoid hair building up in your drain, place a stopper to lessen the chance of hair going down the pipes.

Foreign objects – If you have children or pets, foreign objects can sometimes get placed where they don’t belong which can cause a blockage in your pipes. We have seen everything from bars of soap, toys, jewelry, clothing, and more get stuck in drains.

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