Daikin AC/Mini Split Heat Pump

Instead of installing bulky, maintenance–intensive ductwork in your home for a central or packaged air conditioner, a ductless system has a single central unit outside and smaller, individual units in your house. These units are connected to the main unit by refrigerant lines that carry the coolant inside.

Daikin Mini split Heat Pump and Air conditioner combo

Mini Split Installation

How your ductless split system gets installed will depend largely on the layout of your home and which rooms you need heated and cooled. Be sure you discuss which rooms you need cooled, where you would like each unit placed and how much control you need of each unit before your technician starts the installation process. You can rest assured that we’ll also be there for future maintenance and any necessary repairs. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge needed to work on all types of ductless split systems.

  • Digital Comfort, Washable Filter, Odor Elimination & Wireless Control.
  • Maximize your energy savings with quiet, streamlined wall units.

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