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Artisan Home Services has N.A.T.E certified Trained technicians to troubleshoot your problem and give you same day solutions.

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Artisan Home Services Repairs All Types of Heating Systems

Our expert heating repair technicians can take care of any heat emergency you may have. They’ll make sure that your heating system is functioning properly and is running at peak efficiency. It doesn’t matter if your system is old or new our heating repair expertise includes all makes and models heaters, boilers, furnaces.

  • Gas an Oil Furnace Repair
  • Gas an Oil Boiler Repair
  • Electric Heat Pump Repair

Signs That Your Heater Needs to be Repaired

When a heating system gives off odd smells, or intermittently fluctuates on and off, or fails to heat your home, or causes a noisy racket, or won’t power, it is time to call an HVAC professional for trusted repairs.

Bad Smell Emits From Your Heating System.

A faintly smelly gas-powered heater is often natural and normal. If you are using a heater for the first time in a while, the source of the scent may just be accumulated dirt and dust burning off. Nevertheless, we recommend staying vigilant and calling an HVAC specialist to inspect the unit if the smell persists or intensifies. When strong odors do not diminish over time, you may have a gas leak or something burning inside your unit.

Heater Has Trouble Turning ON

A heater should turn on with little effort. If you find your unit is struggling to start, it is time to troubleshoot the problem. This may be the result of a dirty or faulty pilot, a problem with the natural gas line, disconnected wiring, dead batteries, or a damaged thermostat. It is important to avoid installing a thermostat in direct sunlight, near hot appliances, or vents. Doing so may cause skewed temperature readings.

Cooler Air Tempratures

When a heater is running, your house should warm up quickly and efficiently. If the thermostat is cranked up and you are still experiencing cold conditions, there may be a leak in your ductwork. This can occur in air ducts that are largely invisible, running through your crawl space or attic. Our technicians know where to investigate and can adequately insulate your ducts. We won’t let cold drafts and wasted electricity ruin your winter.

Noisy Heater

When a heater makes constant noises, we recommend paying attention to the type of sound you hear. Doing so may reveal the source of your problem:
Belt or fan issues usually squeal
*Loose parts in an air pump or condenser can bang around
*Refrigerant leaks regularly whistle
*Broken air filters, obstructed vents, and leaky ductwork often hiss
*Warped fan blades and broken motors often scrape
*Sheet metal air ducts can pop due to air pressure
*A blower wheel that is not correctly centered might thump
*Compressor or fans with trapped debris can cause clanking
*A faulty gas valve can rumble abnormally loud
*Loose-fitting metal housing fasteners may rattle

Dirty Air Filters

Your heater’s air filter can significantly improve air quality: blocking airborne pollutants and contaminants before they can enter your heating system, air ducts, and home. We recommend replacing your air filter every one to three months. This will mitigate your exposure to irritants and allergens and make your heater more energy efficient.

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