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Water Hardness in Quakertown, PA

May 13, 2022
Mike Lentz


In Quakertown water is delivered from a network of eleven operating wells. These wells are in and around town and are part of a geologic formation known as the Brunswick formation. In the last few years news reports have emerged that some chemicals like arsenic and Pefluorononanoic acid, or PFNA, are present in uncomfortable levels, but at levels considered acceptable by local government. In fact, many concerning contaminants are unregulated altogether.

However, what the Quakertown Borough Water Department considers ‘acceptable’ and what is acceptable for your family may differ.


Having served the Quakertown area for many years, we have observed some of the hardest water we have ever seen. If you buy property in Quakertown and don’t immediately implement a water softening or filtering system, you will find etches on your water glasses and problems with your pipes and water-utilizing appliances – especially hot water appliances such as water heaters, boilers, washing machines, dishwashers and even coffee pots. These appliances will fail and struggle often.

How hard is your water? Ask your water department.

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